“In terms of our views of the self new images of multiplicity, heterogeneity, flexibility, and fragmentation dominate current thinking about human identity.”

Sherry Turkle. “Life on the screen”


The work “Ambiguity: identity in the virtual space” represents artistic research into the phenomenon of virtual identity. The appearance of digital technologies led to the development of virtual social relationships thanks to the popularity of communication via social networking websites.

This work investigates the influence it makes on the individual’s personality: where lies the line between real “me” and virtual “me”? And is it there at all? We can safely say that today the Internet has become an essential social laboratory for experimenting with human personality, its reconstruction and development.

According to research by Sherry Turkle, Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the book “Life on the screen: identity in the Age of Internet”, the personality of contemporary man is formed by interaction with the machine, transformed by its language. Inside virtual reality, identity is characterized through the concepts as “multiple”, “fragmentation”, “flexibility” and some others.

Thus, the task of this work is to present visually some of the above concepts. Its main intention is to create a series of artworks under digital photography, 3D graphics, 3D printing, and animation.