The trauma as a concept is divided into two general categories caused by external factors: physical damage and mental damage. Both are essential but the damage to mental health has a special feature: it is difficult to observe visually. The purpose of the present work is to reveal this issue through photography and the main intention is to develop an artistic work from the conceptual point of view and express a visual dimension of trauma.

The project “traumatic state” is a series of 4 photographs in a portrait format in addition to a variety of artworks made by means of 3D computer graphics software, animation GIFs, 3D printing. Mentioned present a combination of digital media as photo manipulation, 3D graphics. A feature of this series is a constant repetition of every photo. The difference between them is in addition to new distinctive detail in each. Repetition of the same image reveals the nature of trauma, different details of every image help to comprehend a scientific view of this phenomenon via the psychoanalysis theory by S. Freud, Eric L. Santner, Judith L. Herman.

This work is devoted to the investigation into the concept of trauma under the world of technology and human-machine.