Helden Exhibition 2017

PAM 17 exhibition

General description:

For the first time in 2008, the Marler Kunststern hosted a new major cultural event, which attracted lots of media attention due to its diversity. It has now become one of the largest interdisciplinary exhibitions of the free art scene in Germany.

This year the Marler Kunststern presents the works selected from those curated by renowned experts. They will be dedicated to the specific topic called “Heroes” (Helden in German language). The competition is aimed at all interested artists from the variety of fields: painting, photography, computer & print graphics, drawing, sculpture, video, performance, installation, new media, happening, etc.

Kateryna Borovschi’s series of four photographs “Traumatic State” was selected for “Helden” Marler Kunststern 2017 Exhibition.

November 4th-25th 2017, Wed. – Fri.: 2pm – 6pm; Sat. 10am – 6pm
27 Hinsbeckerberg street, Essen, Germany

For more information on the event follow the link: http://kunststern.de/